Terms and Conditions

About NFT
NFT or Non-Fungible Tokens are a unique set of data stored on a blockchain. Items stored as NFT on the blockchain are unique and not replaceable. For example, you can create a replica of the artwork but each file will have a different hash code and data set which is not replicable.

Who are Squarmies?
Squarmies is a group of square-headed beings from the Squaverse. After losing a multi-century war with the Circulars, they escaped to our world. During the escape, they lost their physical-selves, retaining only their consciousness in its digital form. Now, they are waiting to be rescued.

In total, there are 3,535 Squarmies.

About Squarmies NFT
Squarmies are hand-drawn, community driven NFTs created by The Square Comics (est. 2015). Each Squarmy is a unique NFT on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Holding a Squarmy lets you propose and vote for initiatives that will grow the Squarmies brand. After all 3,535 Squarmies are sold out, Squarmies’ Community Chest will be seeded with 30 ETH and receive 10% of royalties from OpenSea Secondary listing.

What We Own
The name "Squarmies©️", "The Square Comics™️" are the intellectual property of The Square Comics™️ and owned by The Square Comics™️ team.

What You Own and What You Can Do With It

  • Each holder of Squarmies NFT can propose unlimited number of initiatives to grow the Squarmies brand
  • Each Squarmy NFT you hold entitles you to 1 vote on initiatives proposed by the Squarmies
  • Each purchase of a Squarmies NFT plants a tree here
  • You can use your purchased Squarmies NFT(s) for your personal use (printing it for personal use, incorporating it in a piece of art you create, etc)
  • You cannot use your purchased Squarmies NFT(s) for merchandise purposes (selling it as physical merch). If you have plans to do so, please contact us and we can discuss licensing deals.
  • More to be confirmed!