Minting your NFT

About NFT
NFT or Non-Fungible Tokens are a unique set of data stored on a blockchain. Items stored as NFT on the blockchain are unique and not replaceable. For example, you can create a replica of the artwork but each file will have a different hash code and data set which is not replicable.

About Squarmies NFT
Squarmies are hand-drawn, community driven NFTs created by The Square Comics (est. 2015). Each Squarmy is a unique NFT on the Ethereum Blockchain.
Holding a Squarmy lets you propose and vote for initiatives that will grow the Squarmies brand. After all 3,535 Squarmies are sold out, Squarmies’ Community Chest will be seeded with 30ETH and receive 10% of royalties from OpenSea Secondary listing.

How do you mint a Squarmies NFT?

  • You will need to create a metamask wallet at Remember to never share your secret phrase. Metamask is a browser extension supported on Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Edge + iOS and Android.
  • Next, load your metamask with ETH you bought from an exchange (e.g. Coinbase, Binance). Click here to see how you can do that. Remember to have enough ETH for the purchase. Squarmies NFT Cost: 0.059 ETH Gas Fee per Squarmies: 0.04 to ~0.01 ETH depending on gas price on Ethereum. To check Gas fee, go to the gas channel on our Discord and enter command "!gas"
  • Now you’re ready to mint. Go to Be sure to double check the link!
  • On, click “connect wallet” to connect your Metamask with the website. Squarmies are on the Ethereum network so ensure you are on the ethereum network.
  • Choose the number of Squamies NFTs you want and click “Mint Squamies”. Do note that there’s a maximum number of Squamies NFTs a person can mint:
    For Whitelisted Mint, = 3 Squarmies
    For Public Mint = 10 Squarmies
  • After clicking “Mint Squrmies”, a Metamask window will show up and prompt you for transaction approval. Use the gas fee recommended by Metamask to ensure the transaction goes through. If you don’t have enough ETH, Metamask has a glitch that shows you a crazily high amount of gas fee. Do not be alarmed, simply load more ETH to your Metamask wallet and the glitch will be resolved.
  • Click “Sign” on Metamask to approve the transaction.
  • Congrats, you have successfully minted Squarmies NFT! You can view your Squarmies NFT on, or other NFT Marketplaces thats on the Ethereum Blockchain.

If you are a Whitelister, our reveal date is 24 hours after public mint or until sold out. Stay tuned and do join the reveal party! For more info, check our Discord